Nigerian Pop Artist Shills Meme Coin and Price Briefly Doubles — Followers Question Artist’s Motives

The Nigerian pop artist and celebrity, Davido, recently posted several tweets endorsing ‘rapdoge,’ the so-called “first deflationary meme token fully supported by celebrities & rappers.” In one of the tweets, Davido tells his 9.5 million followers to “buy $20, $100 or $1000 worth of rap doge tokens and be ready to make some money.” Pump […]

8,000 BTC Belonging to Mirror Trading International Traced, Investors Urged to Lodge Claims

A total of 8,000 bitcoins belonging to Mirror Trading International (MTI) have been traced while an additional 29,000 bitcoins could soon meet a similar fate. The traced coins, which are valued at over $280 million (4 billion rand), represent a potential breakthrough for beleaguered MTI investors. Liquidators Want Court to Declare MTI a Ponzi Scheme […]

There Are Now Twice as Many 2021 ‘Bitcoin Deaths’ Compared to 2020’s BTC Obituaries List

There's Now Twice as Many 2021 'Bitcoin Deaths' Compared to 2020's BTC Obituaries ListBitcoin is down in value 45% since the crypto asset’s all-time high (ATH) three months ago and the downward movement has ignited significant speculation about another bear market. Other skeptics believe that bitcoin has died, as the web page that hosts bitcoin obituaries indicates 2021 bitcoin deaths have doubled in comparison to all the bitcoin […]

Europol Cracks Down on Vitae Belgian Ponzi Scheme, Recovers €1.5 Million in Crypto

europolEuropol, the EU law agency, cracked down on Vitae, a Belgian Ponzi scheme. Europol raided 17 locations related to the website, promoted as a social media site with its own cryptocurrency. The company operated in Switzerland under the name VITAE AG. Law enforcement officials recovered €1.1 million in cash and €1.5 million in cryptocurrency during […]

Fleeing Lynchpin of Nigerian Crypto Ponzi Scheme Inksnation Captured

Fleeing Lynchpin of Nigerian Crypto Ponzi Scheme Inksnation CapturedThe lynchpin of Inksnation, one of Nigeria’s biggest crypto Ponzi Schemes, Omotade-Sparks Amos Sewanu, has been captured. According to Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), Sewanu, who was on the run, was nabbed in Sokoto, a city located in the northwest part of the country. Still, in its May 28 Twitter statement, the EFCC […]

National Court of Spain Takes the Investigation of the Alleged Ponzi Crypto Scheme Arbistar

National Court of Spain Takes the Investigation of the Alleged Ponzi Crypto Scheme ArbistarThe investigation against an alleged major Spanish Ponzi crypto scheme will now be in charge of the National Court of Spain. A judge from the national legal instance is now taking the investigation of Arbistar after the inhibition of a judge in Tenerife. Economic Damages Could Reach Over $120 Million According to El País, judge […]