Bitpay Statistics Show the Use of Bitcoin for Payments Is Dwindling

bitpayThe use of bitcoin as a digital currency for payments has gone down significantly, according to the numbers stemming from Bitpay, one of the leading cryptocurrency payments processors. While most of the purchases were made with bitcoin back in 2020, this dominance has dwindled, opening the space for other tokens and currencies, such as ethereum […]

Survey: Proportion of South African Crypto Holders Grows to 11.3%, 56% of Crypto Owners Hold Bitcoin

The number of surveyed South Africans that own crypto grew marginally from 10.3% in October 2021, to 11.3% in December 2021. With this rate of ownership, South Africa is now ranked number 21 out of the 27 countries whose internet users participated in the survey. South African Ownership Rate Below Global Average According to the […]

Meme Coin Markets Gain Close to 5% in 24 Hours, Dogecoin’s Value Jumps, 3 Meme Tokens See Triple Digit Gains

The top meme tokens by market capitalization have increased in value by 4.4% in the last 24 hours according to statistics. Dogecoin had a good week jumping more than 20% during the last seven days. However, 14 meme tokens surpassed dogecoin’s weekly jump as a few tokens have seen triple-digit spikes over the last week. […]